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Certified In Manual Lymph Drainage

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Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)




Kristi Ellis - LMT, Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)
Best of Omaha
Best of Omaha

I graduated from the Universal College of Healing Arts in 2001 and am licensed in the state of Nebraska.  I have my Certification in Manual Lymph Drainage with an emphasis in post operative MLD.

I started my journey as a massage therapist after many years working in the medical profession as an xray technician and medical assistant. Massage has always fascinated me with the mind, body, spirit connection and seeing the amazing healing that can occur when they work together. I enjoy facillitating that connection with my clients and bringing about the healing my clients are seeking.

I am constantly learning new techniques and ways to help my clients return to health faster and with less pain. I incorporate various techniques that I have learned over the last 20+ years ensuring each session is tailored to my clients specific needs. 



Manual Lymphatic
Therapeutic Massage

Manual Lymph drainage

is a light skin stretching that stimulates the movement of lymph. MLD helps relieve swelling that happens when medical treatment or illness blocks your lymphatic system. 

Before scheduling a MLD session, please contact me at 402-578-1023 for a quick consultation.

A variety of techniques are used to help injuries heal, reduce pain and relieve stress. Medium to firm pressure is used.

Integrated Reflexology
CBD Oil 

Combines four main theories into one approach to reflexology using the whole hand approach. Reflexology improves overall health and wellbeing. 

CBD oil is a natural remedy to ease pain, reduce anxiety and enhance the effects of your massage or reflexology session

Relaxation Massage

Pregnancy Massage

A smooth, gentle massage that relieves muscle tension, increases circulation and promotes an general sense of relaxation

Designed to reduce the strain of pregnancy on your body.

I do have a prenatal cushion that allows you to lay face down into the third semester.


Each essential oil has its own specific benefits. Some benefits include promoting, relaxation, boosting immunity and improving mood.

Tell me what you hope to get out of the session and I will help guide you to an appropriate essential oil. 

Text, Call, or Leave a message for more information
at (402) 578-1023

Our Clients Say

Kristi is awesome. She knows just what techniques to use when and has been a tremendous help with my ongoing shoulder issues. If you're looking for a very knowledgeable and thorough massage therapist in west Omaha, look no further!

Nathan L

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