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Manual Lymph Drainage

Manual Lymph drainage is a light skin stretching that stimulates the movement of lymph 

Before scheduling a MLD session, please contact me at 402-578-1023 for a quick consultation.

Integrative Reflexoloy

Combines four main theories into one approach to reflexology using the whole hand approach. Reflexology improves overall health and wellbeing. 

Therapeutic Massage

A variety of techniques are used to help injuries heal, increase muscle function and improve range of motion

Pregnancy Massage

Designed to reduce the strain of pregnancy on your body.


I do have a prenatal cushion that allows you to lay face down into the third semester.

Relaxation Massage

A smooth, gentle massage that relieves muscle tension, increases circulation and promotes an general sense of relaxation

Add Ons

CBD oil is a natural remedy to ease pain, reduce anxiety and enhance the effects of your massage or reflexology session

Essential oils each have their own specific benefits. Some benefits include promoting, relaxation, boosting immunity and improving mood.


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